I take it as compliment

Your awesome Tagline. Your? No, definitely mine.

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this is the wierdest feeling ever.

i can’t wait for school to start.

maybe because it’s perfect place for writing college au’s :)

or maybe I’ve read too many of them

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when you stay up late, trying not to fall asleep and your laptop makes that wierd loud sound saying “I’m really annoyed right now go to sleep it’s better for everyone”

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Jackunzel Week 2014
Day 5: Young and Beautiful by Lana del Ray

But you should’ve realized this was inevitable. After all, she was Rapunzel - sweet and naive Rapunzel - who believed in you. She was the Lost Princess, who gave up immortality to serve her people. And now, she is Queen … and tired, and much, much older; still sweet and still naive as she gently cups your face with her hand and you urge yourself not to lean in…

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Imagine your OC during different stages of their life. Imagine their development as they transition from child to adult, the friends and family who stand by them as time passes, and those who fade away. Imagine their emotions, be they joy or sadness, as the years pass and they grow to become who they are now.

Now draw it.

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Where and when do people usually have breakfast for two hours?
In France? At breakfast time?
anywhere when they're on Tumblr