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I used to make fun of myself to never fall in love with anyone, unless he’ll look like some animated character.

Then I met Jack Frost.

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RotBTD Week [Summer]

Day 1: Lemonade Stand

Day 2: Amusement Park

Day 3: Courage

Day 4: Beach

Day 5: Camping

Day 6: Catching Fireflies

Day 7: Star Gazing

☼ For more info, please go on the RotBTD Week blog (or click the link in the title). Please help to spread awareness of the summer week by reblogging this post! ☼

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Everytime I see all the amazing stuff here, I just get angry, grab the sketchbook and improve myself. But in the end… I never post anything, because *goes back to beginning*

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everyone at tumblr decided to kill me with those jack frost containing posts